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Trends, Timing, Stability & Great Products Come Together


We have modest goals we are trying to achieve with Synergy Worldwide, but they are unattainable without a solid company behind us. We need quality product delivered on a timely basis to keep customers satisfied, new, unique, cutting edge products to build our business and a fair, achievable compensation plan to reward us for our efforts.

We believe that Synergy Worldwide can provide these essential elements, and we would like you to see what we see about the stability, integrity and quality of the company. We have gathered together a great deal of information we think you may find helpful.

About Synergy WorldWide

Synergy WorldWide is a division of Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), a highly respected company in the natural health industry. The company is a debt-free industry giant. In 2002, Nutritional Outlook magazine selected NSP as Supplement Manufacturer of the Year. Dun & Bradstreet and Entrepreneur magazine rated Synergy eighth in its “Hot 100 Fastest- Growing Businesses in the U.S.”

Focusing on the need for cutting-edge nutritional products and advanced technologies in anti-aging, Synergy has identified product lines that meet the needs of adults throughout America. They have brought together experts in the field of nutrition and anti-aging, who have worked together with the scientists at Nature’s Sunshine and have developed products that exemplify the company's commitment to excellence.

Synergy is looking for people, with or without networking experience, who can grab hold of this opportunity and run with it. This could indeed be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Synergy WorldWide has a very unique and powerful compensation plan. Synergy pays out 55 percent to distributors and enables them to make money in five different ways. Perhaps the most dynamic concept in the compensation plan is the Mega-Match Bonus. This is a 100 percent matching bonus of each personally sponsored distributor’s basic commission.

Through the structure of the plan, you are encouraged to work together with your downline, instead of in competition with them. Synergy pays to infinity, so you can feel free to sponsor people anywhere in your organization that would be more beneficial for them and for you. In this revolutionary compensation plan, Synergy offers six ways to be paid each month. We invite you to review the plan and to meet your own personal goals through Synergy WorldWide.

Excerpted From the Synergy Worldwide Website:

Dan Higginson and others founded Synergy WorldWide in 1999. Having had business experience in the Asian markets, they launched their new company in Japan, the most difficult network marketing arena in the world. Because of their revolutionary compensation plan and technologically advanced products, Synergy experienced unprecedented growth.

Following Japan, Synergy opened the Taiwan market in June 2000, where it also saw great success. That same month, Dun & Bradstreet and Entrepreneur Magazine rated Synergy 8th in its "Top 100 Hottest Growing Businesses in the U.S." in June of 2000. This was a remarkable achievement because Synergy had yet to have one transaction in the United States.

On November 1, 2000, Nature's Sunshine Products approached the Synergy founders and negotiated Synergy's purchase. Nature's Sunshine is a 34-year-old, publicly traded, debt-free giant in the herbal health industry. NSP does hundreds of millions of dollars of business annually. Synergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature's Sunshine. This is extremely powerful, because it enables Synergy to offer a ground-floor opportunity without the typical risk associated with ground floor opportunities.

In September 2001, Synergy WorldWide opened its doors for business in the United States. Synergy is experiencing unprecedented growth. With the opening of this market, leadership is needed that can help put Synergy's distribution network together and take advantage of being at the top of the United States market.

Continuing the desire to expand globally, Synergy has opened other new markets. In July 2003 we successfully opened in Thailand. In 2004 we opened in Singapore, Australia, and Korea. In 2005 we continued our inexorable expansion with new offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and the company recently opened a division in Indonesia. The world is opening its doors to this opportunity, and we are readying ourselves to meet this challenge.

Synergy is looking for people, with or without networking experience, who can grab hold of this opportunity and run with it. This could indeed be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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