(CAPE COD) Mom and Dad retired to the Cape a long time ago, but suddenly things have changed.

There are difficult decisions to be made in her best interests, and it's not easy.

My Mom
My Mom

It wasn't always that way. The grandkids loved the house near the beach, and when the nieces and nephews were all there it was a noisy place. We usually were there for Christmas, and never missed a 4th of July.

Mom loves her home and her memories of Dad and their time together. Whatever we decide is going to be a big change for her. She's always been very independent.

The way we see it, we have a range of options, but what if Mom can't stay in the house? We have so many questions.

We're glad we found a website like this. "Moms House on the Cape" is a fabulous collection of resources dealing with all the issues we're facing. With "Mom's Blog" and Facebook page we can share our experiences and questions with people just like us. "MomsCapeHouse" on Twitter keeps us up to date on fast changing situations, and on her YouTube site we can see videos of local facilities and people.

These resources were developed by a local guy who's parents lived at home well into their 80's then moved into assisted living. His in-laws lived in senior housing, moved to assisted living and then long term skilled care. His friends and neighbors are going through this process every day -- on the Cape, finding the good places and people, sharing the ins and outs of a very complicated system.

It's good to share the local knowlege:

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